Korin finally receives the ANAL POUNDING What she was hope for!

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Korin has been yearning for an intense anal pounding, and her wishes have finally been granted. The scene opens with Korin lying on her back, her legs spread wide as a man with a throbbing hard-on approaches her. He positions himself behind her and caresses her smooth buttocks before slowly inserting his cock into her tightly clenched anus. Korin moans as he begins to pump in and out, each thrust sending shivers down her spine. Her body writhes in pleasure as he picks up the pace, slamming into her with unbridled passion. Sweat drips down her face as she cries out, her eyes tightly closed as she surrenders herself completely to the pleasurable agony of anal sex. The man continues to pound away at her, his cock sliding smoothly in and out of her anus. Korin’s body convulses with ecstasy, her walls gripping tightly around his cock. She cries out once more, her orgasm coursing through her body as he continues to mercilessly pound her. Finally, with a loud groan, the man releases his seed deep into her bowels, filling her up with his hot, sticky cum. Korin collapses onto the bed, panting heavily as she tries to catch her breath. She has finally received the anal pounding she’s been craving, and it was more than worth the wait. From now on, she’ll crave nothing but the raw, intense pleasure of anal sex.


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