My Stepmom tricked me, Now My Dick is Sucked Dry

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As soon as the naïve young man stepped into his stepmother’s room, he knew something was amiss. The seductive smile on her lips sent a shiver down his spine, but he brushed it off as his imagination running wild. Little did he know, his stepmother had other plans in store for him. She lured him in with promises of help with his studies, but her true intentions were far more carnal. With a smoldering gaze, she gazed at his bulging package, making his blood boil. His stepmother sank to her knees and wrapped her delicate fingers around his throbbing member. With each deep, throaty swallow, her eyes never left his, sending the young man into a frenzy. Her tongue swirled around his sensitive head, leaving him breathless. He could hardly believe this was happening as his stepmother’s lips worked their magic, sucking him dry. The young man’s body writhed in ecstasy as his stepmother’s lips and tongue danced with his cock. The pleasure was nearly too much to bear, his body quivering as he let out a deep, primal groan. It was as if every nerve ending in his body was ablaze, the heat of her mouth sending shivers down his spine. The young man could feel his orgasm building, his body tensing as he let out a cry of pleasure. His stepmother’s lips never left him, continuing to suck and swallow until every last drop had been drained from him. As she stood, wiping her lips seductively, the young man felt something stir inside him. He couldn’t believe what had just happened, but he knew one thing for certain: his stepmother’s lips would remain etched in his memory forever.


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